Introducing $75 Mini Portrait Photography Sessions

Mini Portrait Sessions for $75 with Dave Zumbek Photograpy

Dave Zumbek Photography is now offering $75 mini portrait photography sessions to the Peoria, IL area.  Mini sessions are 30 minute photo shoots at a nearby location of your choosing.  Every session comes with 5 fully edited digital photos and print release. (more…)

Boudoir Photos Before Valentine’s Day – Book Now Before It’s Too Late!

Boudoir Photo shoots starting at $200

There’s Still Time to Get Your Boudoir Photos By Valentine’s Day!

Looking to give that special someone a sexy Valentine’s Day present they will never forget?  Boudoir photos make the perfect gift.  Surprise that someone by booking a shoot now before its too late!


Sapphire Package – $200

  • 1.5 Hour on-site photo shoot.
  • Professional Photo editing
  • 15-20 High Resolution Digital Photos delivered by Valentine’s Day.

Diamond Package – $350

  • Up to a 2 hour photo shoot in a hotel room
  • Professional Photo editing
  • 20-25 High Resolution Digital Images


Time is running out. Book your shoot today to reserve your spot and give them the gift they will never forget.

Preparing For Your Boudoir Photography Session

Preparing for your boudoir shoot peoria, il.

So you took the plunge and booked a Boudoir Photography Session.  You might be excited, maybe nervous.  Perhaps this is your first time doing a photo shoot like this and you don’t know what to expect, what to where, or how to pose.  A bit of anxiety sets in as you start to think about all of the details.  There is a lot to consider, and many questions arise.  Where do you start?

Relax.  I arranged some information here to help you out and hopefully answer many of your questions.  The details might be overwhelming right now, but there are plenty of ideas and suggestions to help guide you a long the way.  I have scoured the plethora of information on the interwebz to bring you some of the most popular ideas and suggestions, as well as providing suggestions from my own experience.



Lesson Learned – Bring Extra Pants

Newly Weds sitting in a golf cart.

I am going to share an embarrassing moment with you…possibly on the top 5 list of most embarrassing moments in my life.  This moment may have been less embarrassing in any other situation, but it happened to take place in the middle of shooting a wedding.  I was in the Tampa, FL for this particular wedding.   This was my second wedding gig, and the only one I have done outside of Illinois. The wedding ceremony was a traditional Catholic event at an area church.  The reception was at a club house on a beautiful Florida Golf Course.  The course offered 18 holes of beautiful scenery, including ponds (I didn’t see one damn gator!), tree lines, and some interesting wooden bridges that cut through the woods between holes.  The backdrop was a photographer’s playground for wedding photos.  I drove around with the wedding party in golf carts, taking shots throughout the course. (more…)

The Tall Photographer Advantage

A photo of Dave Zumbek, an obnoxiously tall Peoria IL Photographer

When most of you associate the words “height” and “photography”, you probably think about the super models you see in the fashion world.  However, I am referring to a different viewpoint…the one of the photographer. Those of you I have been lucky enough to work with know that I am obnoxiously tall.  At 6’8″ I tower over most others I encounter.  My height may have intimidated some of you at first, but I am sure you quickly learned I am a gentle giant.  Initial impressions aside,  there are some very beneficial aspects to my above average build. Over the years, I have learned my size can offer some very distinct advantages during photo shoots. (more…)

Hotel Boudoir – My Session with Kady

A boudoir pose on the bed of a Los Angeles Hotel Room.

A couple of months ago I had the opportunity to do a boudoir shoot in a downtown Los Angeles Hotel.  As a photographer, hotel shoots can often be impractical.  Some of the room rates, depending on the city, can be as much or even a great deal more than what I would typically charge for the shoot.  It’s not really something to be done as a one off for a client.  Photographers who do Boudoir shoots in hotels typically schedule a day’s worth of sessions to get the most bang for the buck.  It just so happened I was visiting LA (more…)

NEW: Custom Save The Dates & Invitations

Custom Designed Save The Date card for a Wedding - Peoria, IL

Dave Zumbek Photography is now offering custom designed Save the Date cards, Invitations and more.  Everything is created from scratch to match the theme of your wedding or event.  You won’t be sold generic templates or predesigned pieces.  Everything is 100% custom designed for your needs.  Whether you want something fresh with modern typography, or more traditional, Dave Zumbek Photography can give you what you need.  Virtually any paper type and envelope style can be obtained.  The sky is the limit based on your budget and style. (more…)

Wedding at Peoria Zoo

Recently I had the opportunity to shoot a wedding at the Glen Oak Zoo in Peoria, IL.  This was a first for me and something I never thought I would do in my photography career.  The words “zoo” and “wedding” aren’t necessarily words that I would have associated together before being hired for this event.  I was a bit apprehensive at first, not knowing what to expect.  However, the day turned out great, resulting in wonderful memories for everyone. (more…)

Photographers: We Are More Than Our Cameras

Ever since I started my journey in photography, I have been hearing a phrase that continuously bothers me: “That camera takes really nice pictures.”  Other photographers reading this may share my frustration, but non-photogs may not understand.  There is so much more to photography than just the camera.  To attribute all the credit for an image just to the camera is an insult to the person behind the lens.  Would you approach a painter, look at their work, and tell them how great their brush is?  Would you approach a lead guitarist (more…)

Competition on the Job: Lessons Learned

I was recently asked to be the photographer for a local Semi-Pro (post college, pre AFL/NFL) Football team, the Tazewell Tigers.  The gig itself did not directly pay, but promised exposure and the opportunity to sell prints.  I decided to give it a trial run this past Sunday to see if the opportunity could live up to the promise.  I arrived at the game, was allowed in free of charge, and was introduced to the team as the new photographer.  I began shooting.  I circled the field several times to scope out the best angles and capture all of the key plays.  I started to notice a few other people with cameras taking pictures, but they looked more like fans, friends, and family.  After second or third pass around the field, I noticed a photographer with 2 DSLRs and serious telephoto zoom lenses.  This didn’t seem right to me as I was supposed to be the exclusive (more…)