Preparing For Your Boudoir Photography Session

Preparing for your boudoir shoot peoria, il.

So you took the plunge and booked a Boudoir Photography Session.  You might be excited, maybe nervous.  Perhaps this is your first time doing a photo shoot like this and you don’t know what to expect, what to where, or how to pose.  A bit of anxiety sets in as you start to think about all of the details.  There is a lot to consider, and many questions arise.  Where do you start?

Relax.  I arranged some information here to help you out and hopefully answer many of your questions.  The details might be overwhelming right now, but there are plenty of ideas and suggestions to help guide you a long the way.  I have scoured the plethora of information on the interwebz to bring you some of the most popular ideas and suggestions, as well as providing suggestions from my own experience.


1. Makeup, Hair, Etc.

Did you know that I work with a few hair an makeup specialists, including licensed Cosmetologists?  An easy way to answer a lot of your questions and concerns is to hire one of these partners.  They can be on-location at the shoot and make you look amazing.  If you decide to do you own hair and makeup, here are some helpful tips that will leave you looking your best:

  • Lipstick should be at least one shade deeper than usual. Especially if your hair or clothing is dark.
  • Avoid frosted lipstick as it shows up very light in photos.
  • Blush and eye makeup should be applied slightly heavier than normal but neatly and precisely.
  • Eye shadow should be a shade lighter so that the eyes are brought forward.
  • Use a powder-based makeup as oil-based makeup appears shiny, OR
  • Use an application of powder to achieve a matte finish on the skin.
  • Consider applying false lashes.
  • Consider Styling your hair with wavy big volume
  • Consider a Mani/Pedi with your nails matching your lipstick

This article is also very helpful with a lot of detailed and useful information that will help you look your best.

example of makeup for boudoir photography

2. Wardrobe Ideas

One would think boudoir clothing is straight forward.  You may imagine laced lingerie when the genre comes to mind.  There are a lot of options out there, and several different directions you can go.  Much of your wardrobe may depend on the purpose or theme you would like to have for the shoot.  If its for a significant other, sometimes incorporating articles of their clothing can make the shoot more personal and special.  Other times the goal is to look more bold and sexy than usual, stepping outside the normal day-to-day in which one conforms.  Your comfort level will also play a factor into how covered, or uncovered your body will be.  As we set up the shoot, I will discuss your comfort level and provide ideas for what you can wear.  You may find the need for more guidance beyond our discussions.  Here is a list of potential outfits that will work well for boudoir:

  • Lingerie/Under Garments
    • Thongs
    • Boy Shorts
    • Thigh Highs with or without garters
    • Corsettes
    • Body Stockings
    • Anything See thru, lace, or fishnet
    • Baby Dolls
  • High Heels
  • Tank Top that is too short and tight
  • Mini skirt
  • Tight button up shirt
  • Short, tight, and thin Dress
  • Off the Shoulder Top or Sweater
  • Stockings – Knee or Thigh high
  • Cutoffs that are too short
  • T-shirt with rips and holes
  • Scarf (as an accent or suggestive nude covering )
  • Apron (for nude covering)
  • Caution tape, rope, or lace (as an accent, or for minimal covering)
  • Oversized button up shirt (his)
  • Tie (his)
  • Sports Jersey (His or Yours)
  • Any other hobby or worked theme attire (fireman, construction worker, etc)

Keep in mind, for an hour and a half shoot, you may want to limit the outfits to a total of 3 or 4. The more outfits you have, the more time you will spend changing and the less time we have for shooting.  Ultimately, its up to you, but my recommendations are for your benefit.

boudoir wardrobe with football jersey.

3. Accessories, Props, & Extras

We covered your general appearance between clothing, hair, and makeup.  Sometimes its the additions to your ensemble or shooting environment that will  really make your photos pop.  Whether its big flashy jewelry, or something subtle and unique in the background, those little extras bring a nice touch to the photos and can be a staple of boudoir.  Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Jewelry ( big earings, bracelets, necklaces )
  • Long Strands of Beads
  • Feather Boa
  • Long Gloves
  • Hats
  • Masks
  • Handcuffs
  • Whip/Paddle/Etc.
  • Flower Pedals/Flowers
  • Mirror
  • Candles
  • Teddy Bear/Stuffed Animal
  • Sunglasses/”Librarian” Glasses
  • Anything Kinky or Romantic
  • Anything of His

Please be sure to consult with me on items you are considering.  I may have some of the things on this list to bring.

Boudoir Photography Props - Angel Wings

4. Poses, Shot Angles, & Problem Areas

While preparing for the shoot, we would have discussed several different aspects of what you have in mind.  I will have asked you some questions to effectively gauge your comfort level.  We will also have discussed which of your features you want to highlight, and what you consider your problem areas.  I recommend to everyone searching on Google for boudoir images and finding shots/poses they like and would consider trying.  I don’t expect you to come up with everything, but the more I can get a feel for what you want out of these photos, the more you will be satisfied with them.

Let me be clear.  I don’t expect you to show up to the shoot knowing everything you are going to do or want to try.  I only ask you in the beginning to get a better idea of your expectations.  If you come with the outfits, hair, makeup, and props, we will be in great shape.  Part of my job is to direct you.  I will tell you how to pose.  I will set up the lighting and position your body so that you look your best.  I will give you direction down to the detail of where to turn your head, point your eyes, and position your hands.  If you show up ready to shoot, it will be a success.

Poses for boudoir photography


Wrapping it Up

While there are a lot of things to consider, you don’t have to consider them alone.  I am here to provide guidance and help in any way I can both before and during the shoot.  If you show up with everything you need, the shoot will be an excellent success. You may be nervous, but we will take things slow as you warm up to being photographed in a vulnerable state.  I will guide you along the way, provide suggestions, and do my best to make you as comfortable as possible.  In the end, you are going to look and feel like a rockstar with the photos to show for it


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