Wedding Photography: An Artistic Approach

Wedding photography is a genre that can be predictable and uninspiring. For the most part, you know what to expect when looking at wedding photos. Usually you will see the obligatory ceremony shots, the first kiss, posed photos with the bridal party and family members, cutting of the cake, etc. Fundamentally this makes sense. After all, the point of capturing photos at your wedding is to have visual momentos of those cherish-able memories. Shouldn’t wedding photography be approached with creative vision? How does a photographer get past the standard minimum requirements and infuse (more…)

Boudoir Photoshoot with Brittany – My Lighting Experiment

So far in 2013 I’ve had the opportunity to do a few Boudoir shoots for clients.  Out of the areas I specialize in, Boudoir is probably one of my favorites…and not for the reasons some of you may think.  I use the term “Rockstar” a lot when communicating with clients about boudoir photoshoots.  I think that word help sums up what I like about the style. I get the opportunity to really make someone look like a rockstar or magazine model.  One of my favorite parts about the photography process when it comes to Boudoir is the feedback I get from clients about the resulting photos.  I always have people coming to me, worried about some part of their physical appearance prior to the shoot.  This person could be flawless to some, but human nature tends to cause self-consciousness among even the best of us.  I always reassure the client that I will make them look amazing and I have yet to receive disappointing feedback from anyone.  Usually I hear things like “OMG, I look hot”, or “Wow, I can’t believe that is me.”  Their excitement and satisfaction is (more…)

Welcome To Dave Zumbek Photography’s Blog

Welcome.  This is the inaugural post to my photography blog.  I am Dave Zumbek and I am the man behind the camera  and business, Dave Zumbek Photography.  My goals for this blog are to share my work and the events that I photograph, while also providing tips, lessons, and (more…)